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Did you take your policy out in 2011 or before ?

It is highly likely that your policy will not cover any early stage cancers. For example if you were to be unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with any of the following early stage cancers your policy would not pay out.

• Breast cancer
• Testicular cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Bladder cancer
• Cervical cancer
• Ovarian cancer

New up to date policies will cover these cancers, and provide you with a more comprehensive policy.

Did you get your insurance from your bank?

Every bank has a contract with one insurance provider, and therefore do not search the entire market !

When you get your policy from the bank, it is not their product and they are not the people that insure you. You will pay up to 40% more on your premiums as opposed to if you went direct with the insurance company in question.

We will search the entire market to make sure you get the best possible policy, at the best possible price direct from the insurer themselves.

Do you have a Joint Policy ? Did you know that Joint Policies only pay out on the first event ?

Example: If Mr & Mrs Customer have a joint policy for £100,000 & Mr Customer claims on Critical Illness or Death, the policy pays out £100,000 & Mrs Customers policy ends (policy pays out a maximum of £100,000)

If Mr & Mrs Customer have 2 x separate policies for £100,000 each & Mr Customer claims on Critical Illness or Death, the policy pays out £100,000 & Mrs Customer still has £100,000 of cover. If both claim on death or Critical illness the policy would pay out £200,000

2 separate policies cost the same as a joint policy.

Did you know that only 6% of policies in the UK are written into trust ?

Most people believe that if and when they die their life insurance & assets will automatically pass to their spouse & or children – this is not the case.

When a person dies the life insurance pay out and assets actually get paid into the persons estate. It becomes the families responsibility to go to court in order to deal with the pay out and more often than not use a solicitor which costs thousands of pounds in order to claim the money. This process is called Probate – even with a Will in place it can still take a minimum of 6 months for it to be paid out.

Writing your policy in trust effectively bypasses this & means you dictate exactly what happens with your money.